Two young men died of their wounds in Nablus

Two young men died of their wounds in Nablus

Two young men from Nablus died of their wounds, which were shot by the Israeli occupation forces.

And press sources reported that the young man, Muhammad Harzallah (30 years), from the city of Nablus, died this evening, as a result of his wounds in the head on the twenty-fourth of last July, during the occupation forces´ storming of Al-Yasmina neighborhood in the old town of Nablus. At that time, the martyr Abd al-Rahman Sobh and Muhammad al-Azizi.

While the young man, Muhammad Hisham Abu Kishk (22 years), from the Askar camp, east of Nablus, was killed, and he was wounded by the occupation bullets during the storming of the eastern region yesterday evening to secure the settlers´ storming of Joseph´s tomb.

Doctors at Rafidia Hospital tried for hours to save the life of the young man, Abu Kishk, after he was shot in the abdomen.

Yesterday, the child Ahmed Shehadeh (16 years old) was martyred, and 10 citizens were injured with varying degrees of severity during the Israeli occupation.