WhatsApp allows you to link multiple devices together

WhatsApp allows you to link multiple devices together

WhatsApp recently announced several new features that will be added over the next few months, perhaps the most famous and most requested by users is the feature of linking several devices together instead of using the application on one device only, where users will be able to link their accounts across 4 different devices at the same time .

The famous application also officially announced the addition of two new features that have been talked about for a long time, namely, the “view once” feature, and the “disappearing mode” feature.

This came as stated by The Verge during the “extended chat” conducted by  the  “WABetaInfo” platform with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Will Cathcart, President of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp on the iPad is possible in the future

During the interview, Cathcart declined to confirm reports that WhatsApp will be available on iPads as well, but hinted that the support feature on multiple devices will make WhatsApp on the iPad possible in the future.

In addition to the feature of being on multiple devices, Zuckerberg confirmed that WhatsApp will add a new “one-time view” feature, which will allow users to send content that disappears after viewing it, and the application is also expanding the feature to delete and hide messages, which currently allows messages to be deleted after a specified period of time only. In the future, however, a new Invisibility Mode feature will allow the option to delete and hide messages throughout the conversation.

Protection continues

The CEO of Facebook confirmed that the multi-device feature will not harm the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp provides for messages sent between individuals in order to provide protection and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of conversations between users.

He explained that the encryption will remain unchanged, and Zuckerberg said, "It has been a major technical challenge to have all of your messages and content sync correctly across multiple devices even when your phone battery is dead, but we managed to solve this, and we look forward to publishing it soon."

WhatsApp has not confirmed when the "one-time display" and "invisibility mode" features will be launched, but Cathcart said support for multiple devices will enter public beta "in the coming months".

In addition to the previous features, Wapita Info stated that WhatsApp is also working to provide a password-protected encrypted message and chat backup, which will allow users to transfer their chat logs between iOS and Android devices in the future. Also near.