The occupation returns the captive Azhar Assaf to "Damoon" and renews the administrative detention of the captive, Shurooq Al-Badan

The occupation returns the captive Azhar Assaf to "Damoon" and renews the administrative detention of the captive, Shurooq Al-Badan

The Palestinian Prisoners Club confirmed that the occupation prisons administration returned the captive Azhar Assaf to "Damoon" prison after transferring her to the hospital 12 days ago, due to a deterioration in her health, and the  female prisoners  took steps at the time. A protest against the crime of medical negligence against the prisoner Assaf, who has been detained since last September.  


In this context, the Prison Administration transferred three recently arrested female prisoners from Hasharon Prison to Damoun Prison: Raghad al-Fani from Tulkarm, Aziza Suleiman from Tulkarm, and the girl Zamzam al-Qawasma from Hebron. The technical prisoner was also transferred to administrative detention for a period of 6 months. She has been detained since last October 28, bringing the number of female prisoners in administrative detention to three: Bushra Al-Taweel, Shurooq Al-Badan, and Raghad Al-Fani. 


The occupation also renewed the administrative detention order for the captive, Shurooq Al-Badan (28 years), from the town of Teqou´/Bethlehem, for a new period of three months, knowing that she has been detained since December 2021, and she has previously been administratively arrested twice since 2019, and she is the mother of a child. 

The Prisoner Club pointed out that the female prisoners are facing extremely difficult detention conditions, especially that a group of them suffer from difficult health conditions and need diligent medical follow-up. However, the prison administration deliberately neglects them medically, in addition to the fact that the evidence of "Damoon" prison contributed to the aggravation of their conditions, as It is considered one of the worst and oldest prisons.  

Female prisoners are subjected to a number of systematic abusive policies, including torture and solitary confinement. 

These are the most prominent data about female prisoners in the occupation prisons:

• There are 33 female prisoners in the occupation prisons.

Among them are two girls: Nafth Hammad and Zamzam al-Qawasma. 

The oldest female prisoner in the occupation prisons today, the captive Maysoon Musa, has been detained since 2015 and is vested in 15 years in prison.  

The highest sentences were issued against the female prisoners, Shorouk Dwaiyat, and Shatila Eyada, who were sentenced to 16 years in prison. 

Among the female prisoners are three administrative detainees: Bushra al-Taweel, Shurooq al-Badan, and Raghad al-Fani. 

Among the captives, (6) were wounded. 

The most difficult case among the wounded prisoners is Esraa Jaabis, who suffers from severe deformities in her body, as a result of being severely burned, injuring 60% of her body, as a result of the Israeli occupation soldiers shooting her vehicle in 2015, which caused a gas cylinder in her vehicle to explode.

Among the captives are (7) mothers. 

The majority of female prisoners sentences to high sentences are from Jerusalem. 

Since the beginning of this year, 141 women have been arrested.