The demolition of Isfi School in Masafer Yatta is a major crime that reveals the ugly face of the occupation

The demolition of Isfi School in Masafer Yatta is a major crime that reveals the ugly face of the occupation

The Israeli occupation threw 17 male and female students from the first to fourth grades of primary school, from the windows of the different Isfi Elementary School, in the heart of Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, before the claws of its bulldozers proceeded to demolish the school that had not been destroyed. It has only a few weeks to build it, and it seizes the study, educational aids, books and stationery, and scatters what remains among the rubble of the school, which has become a trace after an eye.


The student Razan Saeed, one of the students of Isfi School, did not find her bag among the stones of her school, indicating that they were regular at school, until the occupation army surprised them to demolish the school. However, they sat inside the school, until the soldiers forcibly took them out and threw them out of the school windows, without allowing them to take their bags. or their needs.

She added that the Isfi school made it easier for them to go to a distant school, and the demolition of the school would restore it to travel long distances, and the settlers would intercept them while going and returning.

Not strange

Ratib al-Jabour, the coordinator of the popular committees in the south, stated that the demolition of the Isfi al-Fawqa school, which was built of bricks and tin, under the pretext of being built without a permit, is not strange to the occupation, and is part of the series that the occupation army is carrying out against Masafer Yatta and its residents, with the aim of forcibly displacing them.

He added that there are many schools threatened and threatened with demolition, as well as residential facilities, and this means that the occupation continues its operations, which are moving at a slow pace in order not to stir up public opinion, stressing that the demolition of the school reveals the barbarism of the occupation, which is a major crime against science and education.

Al-Jabour wondered, what an abomination that the occupation soldiers threw school students when they were children and threw them out of the school windows, in addition to depriving them of their right to education.


Yasser Muhammad, Director of Education in Yatta, described the demolition of the Isfi Elementary Mixed School as a crime against humanity, pointing out that the demolition decision in the morning came after the appeal of the so-called Civil Administration, against the Israeli court´s decision to stop the demolition on 11/29, with the aim of depriving the traveler´s children of the education they needed. It is guaranteed by international law and humanitarian institutions, for the time that allows and protects settlers who build random rooms in al-Musafer, turn a blind eye to their actions and attacks, and demolish citizens´ homes and property under the pretext of building in Area C, pointing out that the real pretext is the displacement of the residents of Masafer Yatta.

One of the traveler´s villages

Nidal Abu Aram, head of the al-Musafir village council, said that Khirbet Isfa al-Fawqa is one of al-Musafir villages threatened with deportation, pointing out that the school includes about 20 male and female students, who used to travel more than 3 kilometers to the nearest school to them, which is in al-Majaz. Vulnerable to settler attacks, and the danger of the remnants of the occupation army, which is left behind after its military training, which poses a threat to their lives.

He added, what is striking is the acquiescence of the Israeli judiciary and courts, which are unjust in the first place, to the settlers´ request, after a precautionary order not to demolish the school, but they proceeded to demolish it with bulldozers of settlers operating on the lands of the residents of Masafer Yatta.

Abu Aram indicated that the demolition of the school comes within the framework of continuous practices against Masafer Yatta, which is targeted by Judaization, which threatens 215 families, consisting of about 1,150 individuals, who are at risk of displacement due to the occupation policies.

Shock and resentment

The demolition of the school aroused the dissatisfaction of the European Union, which expressed its shock at the demolition of the Isfi School in Masafer Yatta by the occupation forces. In a statement to the Union´s media office, it said, "We are shocked by the Israeli forces´ demolition of the Isfi School funded by European donors in Masafer Yatta in the occupied Palestinian territories.One day after a diplomat visited a number of EU member states," stressing the need to respect children´s right to education.