Support for Journalists: The occupation has targeted 12 journalists and arrested 3 others since the beginning of 2023

Support for Journalists: The occupation has targeted 12 journalists and arrested 3 others since the beginning of 2023

 During the monthly report on the state of press freedoms in January 2023, the Journalist Support Committee monitored about (62) violations against media freedoms and journalists, including (36) Israeli violations, and (10) violations by Palestinian internal authorities, in addition to Recording more than (16) violations by social media companies, in the framework of combating Palestinian content.

The Israeli attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories were represented in the injury and assault of more than (12) journalists by the occupation forces, with the participation of settlers, attacking them, beating them with sticks, kicking and pushing them on the ground, and trying to run them over, while they were covering the violations of the occupation and its settlers against citizens in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

In terms of the arrests, the Israeli occupation forces arrested and detained (3) journalists, namely Abdel Mohsen Shaldeh, Ahmed Halayqa, and Mashhour Al-Wahwah, and later released them.

In addition, the Israeli military courts extended and postponed the arrest and confirmation of a sentence for (3) journalists, namely: Yassin Abu Lafah and Nidal Abu Aker, for a period of six months for the second time, while the occupation court rejected the appeal submitted by the imprisoned journalist, Omar Abu Al-Rub.

Regarding the occupation preventing journalists from covering and performing their duties, the report recorded (15) cases of preventing journalists from covering the occupation´s violations against citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories, shooting and attacking the occupation and its settlers, including beatings and trampling.

The report also records (2) a case of raiding, breaking into, tampering with and searching the homes of the imprisoned journalists Nidal Abu Aker and Abdul Mohsen Shaaldeh.

The monthly report of the Journalist Support Committee (1) documented a case of journalists´ equipment being confiscated while preventing them from covering the crimes of the occupation.

Within the framework of the fierce and systematic campaign waged by social media sites, especially those owned by Meta, to combat Palestinian content in cooperation with the Israeli occupation, the report of the Journalist Support Committee recorded during the past month´s report more than (16) cases, distributed by the deletion and closure of the Facebook administration (6) Accounts of journalists and pages of media websites.

In addition, (7) cases of threats, incitement, and hacking of journalists were monitored, including Tamer Al-Mishal, Muhammad Al-Atrash, “Al-Quds Al-Youm Live” network, Raya FM radio page, and “Al- Quds News network, in addition to warning (3) accounts and deleting posts for journalists and media professionals. Under the pretext of not complying with the standards of posting on social media.