Russia announces the interception of two American marches near Crimea

Russia announces the interception of two American marches near Crimea

Russia announced on Monday that it intercepted two American drones that were flying over the Black Sea near the airspace of Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014, for the second time in two days.

And the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that, following “monitoring a flight in the direction of the borders of the Russian Federation,” two fighter planes took off “to warn of a possible breach of the border” and to “confront the reconnaissance (mission)” that the two drones were carrying out.

She indicated that the two American planes, "Reaper" and "Global Hawk", "were carrying out a reconnaissance mission in the Crimea region," and they "changed their flight path and left the areas where they were carrying out reconnaissance missions" when the two Russian fighters approached.

And the increases in accidents between Russian aircraft on the one hand, and American or NATO planes on the other, in the past months over the Black and Baltic Seas, against the background of the Ukraine war.

On Sunday, Russia announced that one of its fighter jets had intercepted an American drone over the Black Sea. A similar incident occurred in early August.

Crimea is central to the supply and supply of Russian forces fighting in southern Ukraine, and it also houses the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Russian sites there have been repeatedly attacked by Ukrainian air and sea drones since the start of the conflict, especially in the past months.