Meet the fastest electric bike on Earth

Meet the fastest electric bike on Earth

Electric motorcycles now offer a viable alternative to their internal combustion engine counterparts thanks to fast-charging models that can charge the bike up to a range of 320 km.

But a little-known British company wants to make the electric bikes of the future much faster. Therefore, White Motorcycle Concepts has built a unique prototype that it claims can break a record. After two years of development, the company unveiled the two-wheel drive, hydraulically powered electric motorcycle.

The current record was held by former world champion Max Biaggi, and the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, Voxan Wattman, with a top speed of 408 kilometers per hour, across two tracks in opposite directions over a flying mile with an average speed of 367 kilometers per hour.

However, as the new WMC250EV´s prototype name suggests, it can beat that speed by a large margin.

The bike features an opening that extends from front to back. This air duct system - dubbed the V-Air - makes it "the world´s most aerodynamically efficient motorcycle" according to its maker.

By pushing air through the middle of the bike rather than around it, the grade reduces the air force factor by up to 70% according to figures tested at the Horiba Mira facility in the UK.

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The electric drivetrain and battery packs are located in the lower half. The prototype also used a double-arm suspension system.

The rear wheel is driven by chain by two electric motors with a power of 30 kW. While two 20 kilowatts power the front wheel. Together, they generate a total of 100 kilowatts or 134 horsepower.

The bike is powered by a 15-kilowatt lithium-ion battery, and most components are made of either carbon or aluminium.

Although the plan is to bring technology to the masses, this particular concept is entirely designed for its rider Rob White.

White was a motorsport veteran who competed in Formula One, Le Mans Prototype, V8 supercar and World Endurance Championship ). Its silhouette has been laser scanned to build the bike´s chassis.

The technology is now being tested by an attempt to set the record for British semi-aerodynamic electric motorcycles later this year, to be followed by the world record in 2022.

White believes that a bike that weighs 300 kilos can be achieved at speeds of more than 400 kilometers per hour. It has an aerodynamic appearance.