He was martyred on his way to school, carrying his bag. The occupation killed Mahmoud al-Saadi´s dream and his family

He was martyred on his way to school, carrying his bag. The occupation killed Mahmoud al-Saadi´s dream and his family

 In the middle of the distance and the road between his house in the Jenin camp and his school "Farhat Hashad" on the outskirts of the camp, and a short distance from the site of the assassination of the journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh, the occupied assassin A new dream for a family and a student without guilt and in a way Deliberately, the occupation sentenced the student Mahmoud Abdel-Jalil Al-Saadi (17 years old) to death, and the fatal bullet hit him while he was carrying his bag on his way to school to complete his last academic year.

Despite his enrollment in the performing arts in the Jenin camp years ago, and his proficiency in acting in a distinguished manner, Mahmoud decided to stop training and presenting plays, in order for him to complete his high school studies. Public school and the realization of his dream to join the university, so he devoted his time and life to study and prepare for the most important stage in his life, which his family awaits eagerly.

Mahmoud is the only one among four sisters after the death of his baby brother due to illness, and his uncle, Iyad Al-Saadi, explains to our reporter, that he was distinguished by all the beautiful qualities and was loved and appreciated by everyone. He was the soul, life and pulse of his parents and sisters. Since the beginning of the school year, everyone has been encouraging him to achieve his dream and his parents´ dream of success and excellence in high school, but the bullets of the occupation were faster than that moment, and stole the family´s joy and dreams.

The date of 11-21-2022 will remain engraved in the memory of the Al-Saadi family and the students of Mahmoud´s school and his companions. On it he left them forever, when he was heading to his school and did not know that the occupation was spreading in all corners of the camp, reaching his nearby Hashad school. According to witnesses, Mahmoud was not armed or armed. He was wanted or a fighter, and he did not even participate in the stone-throwing confrontation, and he was suddenly wounded by the occupation´s bullets.

His schoolmate says: "We met near the Freedom Theater near Mahmoud´s house, we continued walking together on the main street, and we did not know the presence of the army. At those moments, special units infiltrated by vehicles bearing Palestinian license plates to Al Hadaf neighborhood near Hashad School And after they surrounded the house of the persecuted Ratib al-Bali, dozens of patrols stormed the area to support the undercover force, and the shooting began, at a time when the students had left their homes, as happened with Mahmoud al-Saadi

Witnesses narrate that the occupation patrols and sniper teams fired heavily and madly at the houses, as happened with the Al-Bali family, and towards the streets and alleys, which led to several injuries.

In front of the occupation´s bullets, an atmosphere of panic and terror prevailed, especially among the students. In the targeted area, there are two UNRWA schools in addition to Hashd, and according to the witnesses, there were no confrontations in the area that the student Al-Saadi was crossing, and suddenly he was injured and fell on the ground covered in blood, after soldiers fired The occupation fired showers of bullets from a very close location.

Mahmoud underwent treatment at Ibn Sina Hospital. According to the doctors in the emergency room at Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital, he was critically wounded after an explosive bullet pierced his stomach. The doctors struggled to save his life, but he breathed his last, to join the constellation of martyrs in Jenin camp and the Saadi family. Who expressed her anger and indignation following this crime.

Amer Al-Saadi, a leader in the Fatah movement, demanded that the occupation authorities be prosecuted to stop executing and killing children, women, the elderly, and every Palestinian according to a systematic and programmed plan of killing to pass its settlement and racist policies and plans.

With tears and sadness, the family of the martyr and the people of the camp bid farewell to Mahmoud in a touching scene, especially to his classmates at Hashad School, who wept for him with anguish of pain. In the same class, who says, "For years, we have been partners at the study table and seat, and he is my cousin and my neighbor. He was kind, generous, and loving to the camp and its people.

In its report After the martyrdom of Mahmoud, the Ministry of Education confirmed that there has been a significant increase in the killings of school students by the Israeli occupation in the recent period, and that this requires intervention from the relevant international institutions, while the absence of international action for the camp residents constitutes a red light occupation to continue its crimes.