A US soldier retrieves a lost wallet in Antarctica ... 53 years ago

A US soldier retrieves a lost wallet in Antarctica ... 53 years ago

 In a pleasant surprise, a meteorologist in the US Navy received a portfolio that he had lost in Antarctica ... 53 years ago.

Paul Grisham did not even remember that he had lost the wallet when unknown persons called him to hand it in the mail, according to what the now 91-year-old told the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper in California.

The discovery took place unexpectedly in 2014 when the scientific base on Ross Island was demolished, where the naval component was stationed as an expert in meteorology between October 1967 and November 1968.

Grisham´s wallet was located behind a changing room and contained the Grisham navy identification card, driver´s license, instructions in the event of a biological or chemical attack, and a ticket for drinks.

The navy officer was "stunned" at the large number of people who had mobilized their energies to return the lost wallet to its owner.

An official in an Antarctic research group called a former employee of him who had previously succeeded in a similar operation with a navy bracelet discovered in a store. He and his daughter enlisted the help of a veterans´ organization, which in turn contacted a weather service of which Paul Grisham was a member.

Grisham finally received the wallet in good standing at his home in San Carlos, Southern California.