A new way from Facebook to financially support creators on Instagram

A new way from Facebook to financially support creators on Instagram

Facebook has announced new ways to help content creators make money and earn a living from the Instagram platform, in cooperation with their favorite brands.

The company said - in a statement published on its blog - that in the coming months, it will start testing an affiliate tool that will allow content creators to discover new products available at payment, share them with their followers and earn commissions on purchases they make within Instagram.

Facebook explained that product posts by content creators will be flagged stating that the owner of the post is eligible for a commission, and that those purchases help support that creator.

This will make it easier for people to shop directly from the creators they love and give brands a new way to partner with and reward influencers who share and reward their products, she added.

And Facebook indicated - in its statement - to the launch of a new store to be added to the profile of content creators - starting yesterday, Wednesday - in order to market their independent product lines, and to sell their products directly to their followers.

Open a new store

The company will test the new tool with a small group of innovators and companies in the United States; Including Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs and Sephora, and will expand to more partners in the future.

For content creators who want to sell their own merchandise; Facebook says it will make it easier to add an existing store or open a new one on their Instagram profile.

As for creators who already have their own production lines; They can now link their store to their profile, as well as to their business profile; This will allow them to showcase and sell their products directly to their fans. The ability to link a store to a personal profile will be available globally starting Thursday.

Creators will also be able to create a new store and launch exclusive products from the Instagram app by linking their account to one of Facebook´s four Merchandise Partners; "UMG", "Fanjoy", "Represent" and "Spring".

This will be rolled out to all eligible US creators by the end of 2021.

The company added that it is developing ways to earn money through the "Stars" feature in which followers interact with their favorite accounts during live broadcasts on the platform.

“We are committed to building the right mix of tools to help them (content creators) achieve their goals, we are making exciting progress and we will have more to share in the coming months,” she concluded.