Gaza: a youth stand against "racism"

Activists in the Gaza Strip today organized a protest against the racism against the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation.

Many activists participated in the stand organized in front of the United Nations headquarters west of Gaza City, raising slogans affirming that the Palestinian people are subjected to racism by the occupation since 1948, and to affirm the right of the Palestinian people to live in dignity.

The participants uploaded a photo showing the martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq with special needs, who was executed by the Israeli police in the Old City of Jerusalem about a week and a half ago, and next to him a picture of the black American George Floyd who was killed by the American police.

Al-Waqfa, organized by the General Union of Youth Organizations, in cooperation with the Bridges Group for International Communication, was titled "No to Racism - Occupation is Racism".

The activists performed the kneeling motion on one knee, which has become a symbol in the world against racism, after demonstrators in the United States used it against the killing of Floyd.


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