Gaza: No new injuries, more samples taken

 Ashraf Al-Qudra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, confirmed this evening, Thursday, that no new cases of the new Corona virus had been recorded.

Al-Qudra said in a press briefing, that the Ministry and government institutions have tightened their daily precautionary measures to counter the virus, explaining that the medical teams are following up on health in 1864 within the quarantine centers, of whom 1108 are sick in hotels, health centers and hospitals within their preventive measures.

He pointed out that the epidemiological surveillance and the withdrawal of continuous laboratory samples for the hosts in the quarantine centers, which amounted to 845 samples, were mostly negative, and contributed to discovering the infected cases without showing symptoms to them, which confirms the safety of the precautionary measures taken to immunize the community.

He reassured the citizens that the health status of 12 people with coronavirus in the Isolation Hospital was reassuring and stable.

Al-Qudra said that the health requirements to confront the Corona virus exceed our limited capabilities with the continued Israeli blockade, which requires effective international action to provide 23 million dollars to support our urgent needs.

He demanded that the concerned authorities stand up to their responsibilities in enhancing the medicinal balances, medical consumables and protective supplies, and for the supply of laboratories, corona virus testing materials, and medical device parts, noting that the Gaza Ministry of Health urgently needs to provide 100 artificial respirators and 140 intensive care beds to counter the Corona virus.


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