Sarhan: We need $140 million to rebuild the Gaza Strip

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the Gaza Strip, Naji Sarhan, said today, Sunday, that the sector needs 140 million dollars to reconstruct the housing units that were completely destroyed and severely damaged in the repeated Israeli wars.


Sarhan said in statements to the local Al-Aqsa Radio in Gaza, that there are 1,300 completely destroyed units from previous wars, since before 2014 and after, and they need an amount of 50 million dollars, noting that there are 70,000 units that were partially damaged and have not been compensated, and they need an amount of 90 million. dollar.


Sarhan indicated that $30 million has been compensated for partial damages out of 42 million from the “Sword of Jerusalem” war 2021, noting that there are still no donors for amounts less than $1,000 and donors are focused on compensating severe damages, and damages above 1,000 . Dollars have been sent to several parties, and we hope that there will be a breakthrough by providing funding for them. like he said.


He pointed out that all the names of those affected in the 2021 war and part of the previous wars will have compensation during the next three months, indicating that there are names of those affected wholly with the Qataris and they will be paid soon, and there are about 12 damaged apartment buildings that were agreed upon with the Qataris and it is expected With the beginning of next year to be announced new names to compensate.


Regarding the three Egyptian housing projects, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Works in Gaza said that they are progressing unevenly and work is expected to be completed in full by the middle of next year, noting that a total of 117 buildings, with a total of 2,500 housing units distributed over three places, which is “Dar 1” in Madinat Al-Zahra, which includes 73 A residential building, “House 2” in the Karama area includes 22 buildings, and “House 3” in the American School includes 22 buildings.


Sarhan indicated that a mechanism has been put in place to benefit from the Egyptian housing units, which is the same as the "Hamad" mechanism, and priority is given to housing for those who do not have housing and for tenants using the down payment system and monthly installments.


He said, "After the next plan after the completion of the construction of the residential units, a link will be announced, through which registration will be made to benefit according to specific criteria, and then the names will be selected by lottery for those who meet the conditions."


He added: We are waiting for an agreement with the Egyptians on the mechanism that has been set up to benefit from the housing units as they are partners in the housing project.

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