The Special Rapporteur for Human Rights calls for lifting the siege on Gaza and ending the occupation

The Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine, Francesca Elbanese, called on 
To lift the siege, return to normal life and end the occupation, and for the United Nations and the international community to shoulder their responsibilities to ensure that Israel does not go unpunished.

Elbanese said in a press interview: "The recent air strikes in the Gaza Strip are illegal, immoral and irresponsible, because the humanitarian situation in Gaza is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe as it has been for decades, and that the situation is urgent and requires urgent humanitarian aid."

The Special Rapporteur for Human Rights criticized the US statements about the aggression, which affirmed "Israel's right to defend itself," and said: "Everyone should receive protection. It is necessary to return to the legal aspect and what is stipulated in international humanitarian law, which allows the use of force in the case of defense." It is self-defence, and Israel cannot claim that it is defending itself against the people of Gaza, which has been depriving them of their rights and subjugating them since 1967." No impunity for Israel. He expressed his hope that the United Nations would consider the proposal to return to the legal framework and use international law as a tool to resolve the status quo in the occupied Palestinian territories.The United Nations Special Rapporteur called for the necessity of a United Nations preventive force in the occupied Palestinian territories, because the deliberate killing of Palestinians is still continuing and has reached a shameful stage, warning that Israel is operating outside what is permitted under international law.

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