Prisoners´ Institutions: The occupation arrested 1,228 civilians last April

During the month of April 2022, the Israeli occupation authorities arrested 1,228 Palestinians from the occupied Palestinian territory, including 165 children, and (11) women, which is the highest percentage of cases. Arrests since the beginning of this year, and the arrests in Jerusalem constituted the main shift in this percentage.


The arrests, according to a monthly report issued by the prisoners and human rights institutions, today, Monday, were accompanied by grave violations against the detainees and their families, as well as after their transfer to interrogation and detention centers, in addition to the recording of various injuries, including severe among the detainees, by the bullets of the occupation army.


The institutions confirmed that the occupation used shooting at detainees, in addition to the policy of collective punishment that affected the majority of their families through vandalism and destruction of homes, terrorism and threats of arrest, and the use of police dogs and other methods.


The report stated that the number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons amounted to about (4,700) prisoners, until the end of April 2022, including (32) female prisoners, (170) minors, and more than (600) administrative detainees.


The highest rate of arrests during April in Jerusalem was (793), including (139) children and minors, while the number of administrative detention orders issued during the month reached; (154) orders, including (68) new orders, and (86) extension orders.


The report monitored the most prominent policies and issues that the issue of prisoners and detainees witnessed during the month of April, and the changes implemented by the occupation authorities, both in terms of arrests and their attendants, or with regard to the reality and conditions of prisoners and detainees inside the occupation prisons; Based on the outcome of monitoring, documentation and legal and field follow-up carried out by prisoners' institutions.


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