American rapper Lil Pepe was released after being arrested in Paris for drugs

American rapper Lil Bibi was released Friday after being arrested by French police in Paris on suspicion of drug possession, and he will have to pay a fine, according to police sources.

Lil Bibi, 26, whose real name is Dominic Jones, was in a parked car late Thursday when police searched it after they smelled what they said was the smell of cannabis, according to a police source.

The French newspaper "Le Parisien" reported that the police found 20 grams of cannabis in the car.
And he stopped the rapper with a friend who was next to him in the car. Paris prosecutors said in a statement to AFP that the rapper and the person who was with him had been told they had committed a felony and had to pay a fine for drug use.
The approval of a judge must be obtained for this fine before it is formally imposed.
NBA star James Harden, who is in the French capital with the rapper for Fashion Week, was nearby as he intervened but was not arrested.
In a video posted on Twitter, Harden, who has been with the Brooklyn Nets since January, can be seen surrounded by a large number of police, one of whom was searching.
Jones, an active supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, was nominated twice for a Grammy in 2020 for The Big Picture.


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