The Russian Sputnik vaccine is on the way to the West Bank and Gaza

The Ministry of Health announced today, Thursday, that 10 thousand doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine will arrive today to the Ministry of Health.

Hebrew media reported that the Russian vaccines had arrived at Lod Airport, and preparations were being made to transfer it to the Palestinian government.

According to the Hebrew Kan channel, the Palestinian Authority will transport about 800-1000 doses to the Gaza Strip, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet agreed to the request.

The Israeli channel added that the family of the Israeli soldier detained in Gaza, Hadar Golden, has petitioned the Supreme Court to prevent this step.

The Israeli "representative of the state" responded to the Israeli government in response to the petition, stating that Netanyahu has not decided yet on the transfer of the vaccine to Gaza, and that the decision will be considered later according to security and political considerations,

Since Tuesday, the Palestinian "health" began the vaccination campaign at Hugoacheviz Hospital in Turmus Aya, with medical personnel in terms of priority according to the degree of their contact with patients and the extent of their exposure to infection, starting with the intensive care staff in Corona treatment centers.

The second category that will receive the vaccine is the elderly, over the age of 60, and those with chronic diseases.


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