Gaza: About 2000 cancer cases are recorded annually

Ahmed Al-Shurafa, head of the oncology department at the European Gaza Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip, said that the number of registered cases of cancer patients in recent years reached 8,644.

Al-Shurafa said in a statement that he annually records nearly 2000 cases.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, which falls on Thursday 4 February, he stated that there are genetic factors that increase the possibility of infection and another environmental factor, the first factor represented by the presence of first-degree patients, and the second factor is environmental and is smoking, noting that it is a major cause of cancer of the throat, stomach, bladder and neck And mouth and lung, in addition to environmental pollution resulting from gases emitted from factories and fires.

He pointed out that some types of infections of the body's organs end up with cancer, and that the use of some medications that contain hormonal substances increases the chance of getting the disease.

Al-Shurafa stated that breast cancer is the most common in the Gaza Strip, at a rate of 18% among women and men, followed by colon cancer, leukemia, thyroid cancer, and lung cancer.

Cancer patients in the Gaza Strip are suffering real suffering as a result of the crisis of special medicines.

Al-Shurafa said, "Many patients do not have treatment available and are transferred inside the occupied territories, while some cases cannot travel," attributing that to the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and the obstacles that the occupation imposes on travelers.

Among the challenges facing patients, in addition to the drug crisis and the travel ban, is the lack of devices in the Gaza Strip for nuclear and radiological scanning to detect different types of cancer, which delays the diagnosis of the disease in its early stages.


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