One third of this country´s girls are Harassed. The defendant "school Uniforms "

Washington _ Agencies

Recent cases of harassment, particularly among celebrities in the fields of art and politics, have recently escalated, but it seems that suffering from this phenomenon is not confined to adults, but is also prevalent among minors.

A shocking poll revealed that more than one third of schoolgirls were sexually harassed in public places while wearing school uniforms in the United Kingdom.

The "Plan International uk", a children's charitable society, conducted a survey of 1004 girls aged between 14 and 21 Years.

The poll revealed that 35% of them were sexually harassed wearing a skirt and shirt, including a touch, stare or whistling.

One out of every eight girls said she was 12 years old, or younger, when she first faced sexual harassment in school uniforms, according to the British newspaper "times " Monday.

The poll also said that one in seven girls had been caught, while 8 percent said they had been photographed by strangers in the street without their permission.

Plan International Uk called on the government to consider sexual harassment or public harassment as a form of gender-based violence.


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