Prisoners´ Committee: 100 Palestinian prisoners continue their hunger strike in Israeli jails

A Palestinian human rights body specialized in the affairs of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails said that about 100 prisoners in the Israeli jails continue their hunger strike, with varying periods, in order to reject the presence of carcinogenic jamming devices in the prison sections.

The Prisoners 'and Editors' Affairs Authority said in a statement on Tuesday that the administration of the detention centers has in the past few days to collect the striking prisoners from the prisons "Raymond" and "Eshel" and "Negev" and others and transferred to the sections "1" and "3" in a prison " Whiff "desert.

She stressed that the Prisons Authority exerts pressure and harassment and violations against the striking prisoners to break their strike, and that the most prominent attacks are the permanent searches of their rooms and sections and stormed by the repressive units (masters) of the management of the occupation prisons.

She pointed out that this battle comes with the continuation of the management of the occupation prisons on the position of refusing to respond to the demands of prisoners, the most important commitment to the previous agreement on the removal of jamming devices, and activation of public telephones, in addition to stop the punitive measures imposed by the striking prisoners.

On September 10, the prisoners, especially in Raymond prison, had regained confrontation with the occupation administration in the prison again after denying the agreement made last April, which included the same demands related to jamming devices and public telephones. Several sessions of dialogue with the administration were doomed to failure.

The prison administration is putting jamming devices inside the prisons in an attempt to jam the communication devices that are secretly inserted into detainees.

The jamming devices cause pain and headaches for detainees, and prevent them from communicating with their families while not allowing them to use public telephones in prisons, according to human rights organizations and families of detainees.

The Israeli occupation forces are holding some 5,700 Palestinian prisoners, distributed to nearly 23 interrogation, detention and prison centers, including 230 children, 48 detainees, 500 administrative detainees (detainees without charge), and 1800 patients, including 700 in need of urgent medical intervention.

The prisoners in Israeli jails suffer from a number of Israeli violations, including deliberate medical negligence, which has claimed 221 lives since 1967. The most recent prisoner was Bassam Sayeh (47 years), who was martyred recently after being subjected to a policy of deliberate and systematic medical negligence by the prison administration. This resulted in violent clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli occupation forces throughout the occupied territories.


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