The president of the European Council will protect French wine and seek cooperation with Britain

The European Union will respond if US President Donald Trump imposes new tariffs on French wine in response to Paris taxing US technology giants, Council President Donald Tusk warned on Saturday.

"I will protect French wine with an honest determination, if the United States imposes a fee, the EU will respond at the same level," Tosk told a news conference ahead of the opening of the Group of Seven summit in Biarritz, southwest of France. around the world.

In another context, Tusk stressed that he would seek all forms of cooperation with Britain, but that will not include a departure from the European Union without an agreement.

"The only thing I will not cooperate on is getting out without an agreement," Tosk said.

Tusk wondered whether British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to go down in history as the "master without agreement."


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