Israeli general: This is the army´s approach to dealing with Hamas and Hezbollah

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

An Israeli general said there were trends in the Israeli army to reduce the armaments capabilities of Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah organization.

"There are trends in the army to reduce the capabilities of the hostile organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah, because since the 2006 Lebanon War, the security and military establishment in Tel Aviv has had a new conviction and concepts," said Gen. Ronin Itsyek, in an article published in the Israel Daily, stating that Weakening the hostile non-state organizations around Israel is tasked with preventing them from rearming themselves and strengthening their military capabilities through the so-called "battle between Wars" doctrine.

"The Israeli army prefers a policy of battle between wars on the option of open warfare and direct military confrontation, given that Israel is fighting a series of battles on several fronts in order to prevent the outbreak of a massive war," said Ronin.

"Confronting the irregular forces engaged in guerrilla warfare is completely different from the wars with the regular armies, so the idea currently crystallized in the corridors of the army is to touch critically and very damaging the operational capabilities of various organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and others, which requires intelligence capabilities," he said. Continuous, effective operational capabilities, mainly based on the Air Force. "as published by Arabic 21

He pointed out that  "Israel is working through the battle between wars" to hit several targets simultaneously, the first of which is hitting armaments capabilities and combat tactics, targeting military bases and infrastructures, touching armed militias and organizations that threaten the Israeli border, and Israel in this The effort has partners from countries in the region that offer their comparative preferences, through which the Israeli army succeeds in touching these hostile capabilities. "

"The second objective of this policy is to banish the spectre of the next war to as long as possible, and not to fall under the Army's being prepared, ready, trained, and build a martial doctrine and military capability," he said.

Israeli military estimates recently said that the chances of escalation with Hamas in Gaza outweigh the chances of success of the pacification efforts.


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