After a deliberate procrastination that lasted for two days, the occupation hands over the body of the child martyr Amjad Abu Sultan

The occupation forces handed over, on Saturday evening, the body of the child martyr Amjad Abu Sultan (14 years), from the city of Bethlehem.

The handover took place at the Jabaa crossing, to the west of Bethlehem, and the body was transferred by a Palestinian security force to Beit Jala Governmental Hospital, and the funeral will take place to his final resting place tomorrow, Sunday.

The body of the martyr was supposed to be delivered yesterday afternoon, Friday, but after examining him by his father, it became clear that the body did not belong to him, which led to the postponement of the delivery process, which was decided by the Israeli judicial authorities, following a petition submitted by the Prisoners Affairs Authority and editors against detention.

The occupation forces had killed the martyr Abu Sultan on the fifteenth of last month near the tunnels area in the city of Beit Jala and wounded a colleague who had been arrested and has kept the body since that time until the Prisoners Affairs Authority obtained a judicial decision to hand him over after submitting a petition in this regard.

The director of the Bureau of Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs in Bethlehem, Munqith Abu Atwan, stated that the occupation is holding the bodies of 9 prisoners who were martyred inside the occupation prisons, the oldest of whom is Anis Doula, the last of whom is Sami Al-Amour from the Gaza Strip, in addition to the detention of 240 martyrs in the Arqam cemetery.

Abu Atwan explained that Israel is the only country in the world that punishes the bodies of Palestinians even after their death by holding their bodies in the numbers cemeteries, with the aim of continuing to torture the families of the martyrs and creating a state of instability within their families.

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