Gaza: Stands to demand the lifting of the siege

Today, Sunday, the Gaza Strip witnessed a series of activities, to demand the lifting of the Israeli siege on the Strip, the opening of crossings, the entry of all the needs of the sector, and the freedom of fishing.

Dozens of merchants and workers participated in a sit-down in front of the Beit Hanoun “Erez” checkpoint gate in the northern Gaza Strip, raising slogans calling for them to be allowed freedom of movement to and from Gaza and to allow the entry of Gaza’s needs in light of the continued closure of the crossings.

The merchants indicated that they had received the appropriate vaccination against the Corona virus, which gives them the right to obtain the necessary permits in order to pass through the barrier to the West Bank and the Israeli areas and others.

Many dignitaries and mukhtars also organized a sit-down in front of the United Nations headquarters west of Gaza City to demand the UN and international institutions to take immediate action and work hard to end and break the siege.

The participants called for allowing the entry of building materials and speeding up the reconstruction process after the recent Israeli aggression, which caused thousands of citizens to lose their homes.

Dozens of fishermen organized a vigil at the Gaza port, where the participants carried balloons bearing pictures of martyrs of fishermen who were killed by the occupation forces in recent months and years, before they launched them to the sky in protest of the Israeli violations against them.

Nizar Ayyash, the captain of the fishermen, called during his speech, the free people of the world, to pressure the occupation to open the sea as it was before the Israeli aggression, in order to enable the fishermen to fish without hindrances, which would improve the life situation for them.

Ayyash called on all mediators and international organizations to intervene to pressure the occupation to stop its attacks against fishermen in light of the daily continuation of targeting them by the occupation's battleships.


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