Roger Waters accuses Netanyahu of pursuing a "racist" policy toward the Palestinians

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The artist Roger Waters, one of the founders of the famous "Pink Floyd " Troupe in Chile, accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of pursuing a "racist" policy toward the Palestinians.

"We all know that life in the Palestinian territories is intolerable," the British artist said on the sidelines of a concert in Santiago, suspects in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank occupied by the former apartheid regime in South Africa.

"I am not anti-Semitic," Watters stressed. He came to this while the Simon Wiesenthal Center student in a letter from Argentina, the sponsors of the Latin American Music tour, called for a halt to its support, arguing that it published a "message of hate and discrimination."

During his tour, the former guitarist of the band "Pink Floyd" sought to sensitize the public on the situation of the Palestinians, calling for the boycott of Israel.

The Palestinian community, which is half a million people, is the largest in the world outside the Arab countries.


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