Facebook is working on smart watches

Facebook has confirmed that it is working on a connected watch that could be linked in the future to augmented reality glasses designed by the social media giant.
Commenting on information from The Verge, a technology news website, that Facebook plans to announce a connected watch next year, Andrew Bosworth, head of the Facebook Reality Labs unit, wrote in a tweet that the unit is looking at ways to make these glasses more useful.
The Verge indicated that the watch will be equipped with cameras and will be integrated with Facebook applications such as its photo-based Instagram network.
"We've said we want AR glasses that are really useful, and we're investing in technologies that will make that interaction more natural," Bosworth tweeted.
"We'll say more when we're ready (...) and as with our work on glasses, we'll take advice from third-party experts to help us do it right."
Facebook had announced its intention to launch glasses connected to smartphones this year as part of an alliance with the optics giant, Essilor Luxotica.


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