Netanyahu once again attacks the Bennett-Lapid government, describing it as a “dangerous leftist”

Prime Minister of the Israeli Caretaker Government and Likud leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, renewed his attack against the new Israeli government that has been announced, and is awaiting the confidence of the Knesset and taking the constitutional oath, led by Naftali Bennett, right-wing leader, and alternately. With Yair Lapid, the leader of There Is a Future who was primarily tasked with shaping it.

Netanyahu again accused this government of being a dangerous leftist, and that it comes after the largest electoral fraud that took place in the history of Israel, calling on members of the right-wing parties "Yamina" and "New Hope" to stand up and vote against this government, which he said endangers the State of Israel.

And he pledged in a speech during a session of his faction in the Knesset that he will work to bring down this government very quickly, saying: “I want to ensure that we are firmly opposed to the formation of this government of fraud and dangerous capitulation, and if it is formed, God forbid, we will topple it very quickly.”

The Likud leader questioned the ability of the new government to take any bold measures against Iran if the nuclear agreement was signed between Tehran and the great powers, and also questioned its ability to confront the International Criminal Court, which decided to prosecute senior officials and officers, and would not be able to work systematically and consistently. against Hamas in Gaza.

Netanyahu claimed that he provided the Palestinians at home with more than any government provided, denying that he had any contacts with Mansour Abbas, the leader of the United Arab List.

He said: “Unlike the Bennett-Lapid government, we have never agreed to grant Mansour Abbas autonomy in the Negev, and we have not agreed to form a government with the support of the Arabs. When we talk about a dangerous leftist government, we are talking about a government that will lose the Negev, a government that will not be able to meet Unfortunately, the American demand to freeze construction in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

He added: "We faced pressure and doubled the number of residents in the settlements, which no prime minister has done. He will not do what we did. Their government will not withstand the pressures of freezing and displacement. The issue of dividing Jerusalem will return again.. This government will not be able to." On anything, it will not be able to stand in the way of America’s return to the nuclear agreement, which would allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb that threatens our existence.”

Netanyahu condemned the incitement to violence, noting that he and his wife Sarah had been subjected to similar incitement before, saying: “Criticism of the right cannot be treated as incitement, and criticism of the left as freedom of expression. This represents a danger to democracy.. We will not allow anyone to shut our mouths and be silenced.” Our criticisms are against this fake government, and our accounts on Facebook and other sites are blocked.”

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