Agriculture: $ 17 million, losses from the occupation’s aggression on the agricultural sector

The Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza confirmed that the damage to the plant and animal production sectors doubles on a daily basis due to the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the seventh day in a row.

The ministry stated in a statement today, Sunday, that the value of damage and losses to the agricultural sector in Gaza exceeded (17 million dollars).

And it expected that the damage and losses in the agricultural sector would double, as a result of the continued bombing of hundreds of dunams and tens of agricultural facilities, as well as directly targeting stores and warehouses for agricultural production inputs and requirements.

It indicated that its technical and administrative teams in the five agricultural directorates in the Gaza Strip are still following up the initial damage census by communicating with the local committees and pioneer farmers, for inventory and evaluation until the aggression ceases to inspect the damage on the ground.

The damage was represented by direct damage to lands cultivated with vegetables and fruits, total and partial destruction of agricultural facilities and agricultural infrastructure (conveyor lines and irrigation networks in addition to agricultural wells, water tanks and nurseries), in addition to damage to wheat fields, poultry farms and livestock in general, and farmers' inability to reach To practice their agricultural operations and market their products, noting that many farmers who were forced to reach their lands were targeted inside their lands.

The ministry warned of a real disaster in the animal production sector due to the continued closure of the crossings, noting that the feed for poultry, sheep and cows is not absolutely sufficient to feed the animals.

With regard to the fishing sector, the Ministry noted that the indirect losses are much greater than the direct losses represented in interruption of work at sea.

In addition, it stated that the daily losses exceeding half a million dollars of vegetable and fish products that were not exported on a daily basis as a result of the closure of the crossings.

The Ministry of Agriculture had announced, through its website and its official platforms, for plant production farmers and their requirements, livestock breeders and their requirements, as well as fishermen in all governorates of the Gaza Strip, to report damage and losses to their lands and agricultural properties, each in his governorate, by publishing direct contact numbers with their employees. In the five directorates affiliated with it in the sector.

She indicated that the reports of those affected are like a preliminary census carried out by the various agricultural directorates, until the end of the aggression, where every victim will be visited on the ground to assess the size and value of the damage for approval and official registration.


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