The Prisoners´ Authority monitors testimonies of prisoners and children who have been subjected to brutal attacks during their arrest

Today, a report issued by the Prisoners and Executives Affairs Authority monitored the painful testimonies of prisoners and children languishing in several Israeli prisons, through which they explain the brutal and barbaric assaults that were committed against them during their arrest and interrogation in the occupation investigation centers.

And according to what was documented by the commission’s report, the occupation army assaulted the young Mu'min Raddad (30 years old) from Tulkarm, after storming his house at dawn, and then the occupation soldiers took him outside after handcuffing and blindfolding him and deliberately putting a plastic bag to cover his face, and then they forced him to walk a distance Long time to reach one of the nearby army camps, and along the way they did not stop kicking and hitting him on the back, and upon his arrival at the camp the doctor who was there did not examine him, but on the contrary, he took the prisoner’s medicine and threw it, noting that young Raddad suffers from severe problems in the middle ear that cause him Imbalance and an urgent need for his medication, and they were not satisfied with that, but after that the occupation soldiers ghosted him for long hours on a chair inside the camp yard and beat him, and then he was transferred to the "Jalameh" detention center for interrogation, and there he suffered for 21 days, and later he was transferred to "Megiddo Detention Center" "And, the prisoner still needs health care for his condition, especially after the abuse and beatings he was subjected to, which led to a decline in his health, but the detainee’s clinic does not care about his condition and neglects his treatment.

As for the young man Muhammad Matahen (26 years) from the city of Jenin, he was severely beaten and abused, after a group of Arabists attacked him, and they severely beat him all over his body, causing him several bruises and a fracture of his right shoulder, and then they transferred him to a camp A nearby army and its ghost were on a small chair for long hours in the camp yard, and then it was transferred to the "Hawara" detention center for interrogation, and then to the "Megiddo" detention center, noting that the prisoner is still suffering from pain in his right shoulder as a result of the attack and is in urgent need of treatment and an operation. The detainee procrastinated his transfer and only gave him painkillers.

While the occupation forces abused the 17-year-old boy, Muhammad Adwan, from the town of Al-Eizariya, Al-Quds District. Section (4) in the "Damon" detention center.

Regarding the boy, Muhammad Khouira (16 years), from the town of Kafr Neama, Ramallah district, which is currently located in the “Ofer” detention center, he was assaulted during his interrogation, as one of the interrogators violently hit him on the head. A precedent in the head, but the interrogator did not care and continued beating him.


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