Israeli Health: 25 deaths and 4,298 cases of corona within 24 hours

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced, on Thursday, the death of 25 patients in Corona, and the registration of 4,298 new cases of the virus, within 24 hours, after conducting 75,836 tests, while the percentage of positive tests for the virus decreased to 5.9%.

Among the injured, 1,202 patients are hospitalized with corona, including 770 seriously ill, and 249 undergoing artificial respiration, while the death toll has risen to 5,673 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Health data, 4,598,197 Israelis received the first dose of the Corona vaccine, and 3,209,993 citizens also received the second dose.

On Thursday, the Knesset plenary, with the second and third readings, approved the government bill that allows information on those who received the Coronavirus vaccination to be transferred to the local authorities. On Wednesday, the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved the bill and prepared it for a vote on it with two readings, and decided to transfer information to the local authorities about those who did not receive the two doses of vaccination, and that the information includes identity card, address and phone number.


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