Gaza: Warning against anemia weak blood injection

Abdullah Al-Qaishawi, head of the artificial kidney department at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, expressed his concern today, Wednesday, about the continued shortage of Erythropoietin injections in the warehouses of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which is used for anemia weakening of blood due to kidney failure.

Al-Qaishawi confirmed in a press statement, that this treatment benefits all patients with dialysis and kidney failure, pointing out that it does not exist which leads to weak blood and affects the condition of the heart and the health of the body in general, and therefore the patient needs to transfer blood units, considering that these units have side effects.

He called on the relevant authorities and stakeholders to quickly provide this treatment to ensure the health and safety of 850 hemodialysis patients, in addition to about 500 patients who did not reach the dialysis stage.


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