The occupation demolishes Khirbet Homsa Al-Fawqa for the third time within 3 days

Today, Wednesday, the occupation forces stormed Khirbet Homsa al-Fawqa in the Jordan Valley, and began dismantling the tents in it, which the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission rebuilt today, after the occupation forces demolished them. days.

The Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission stated that after the occupation army stormed Khirbet Homs, it began to dismantle the tents that were built to house the people of Homs al-Fawqa.

The occupation forces detained Minister Walid Assaf, Chairman of the Commission, and the Governor of Tubas, Major General Yunus Al-Aas, and the cadres of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission and the people of the region, during the storming of Khirbet Homs Al-Fawqa.

The Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority rebuilt what the occupation destroyed in Homs Al-Fawqa in the northern Jordan Valley, as soon as the occupation forces withdrew from the ruins and demolished their homes, as the occupation forces demolished them since early morning.

The day before yesterday, Monday, the occupation forces demolished 11 tents in Khirbet Homsa al-Fawqa, claiming that it is an Israeli military zone in the context of attempts to displace its people and control the ruined lands, but the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission launched a sit-in in Khirbet to support its residents, and the commission was able yesterday, to build part of the ruined tents. Until the occupation forces demolished it this morning, then it was rebuilt and demolished again this evening.


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