44 settler attacks against Palestinians during a month in the West Bank

 The Israeli left-wing Yesh Din organization monitored at least 44 violent attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank within a month.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, violence by settlers against Palestinians has increased in recent times since the killing of a settler while being pursued by the Israeli police near Ramallah a month ago.

The newspaper pointed out that the attacks included attacking Palestinians, injuring them and destroying their property, and he was recording more than one incident per day, noting that the Israeli army was standing by and not moving a finger.

According to Yesh Din Organization, in 31 cases it was monitored, settlers closed major intersections along the main settlement 60 Street in the West Bank, and threw stones at Palestinian cars, injuring at least 9 Palestinians, including one child.

In another 10 cases, settlers stormed Palestinian villages, threw stones at residents and homes, and burned cars.

In three cases, groups of settlers armed with weapons attacked Palestinian farmers while they were working on their land.

The newspaper described what is happening as "stormy days, days when the hilltop thugs express their anger at the Palestinians in revenge for the killing of their friend by the Israeli police."

"Given the indifference and inaction of the army and the police, which is interpreted as support for the riots, these incidents are getting worse," she added.

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