The occupation arrested 27 civilians at dawn today, most of them from Ramallah

The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn today, Thursday, a campaign of arrests, 22 citizens from the villages of Al-Mughayer and Kafr Malik, northeast of Ramallah, after storming the two villages and raiding and searching many homes amid clashes between youths and those forces, in addition to arresting 5 Residents of Bethlehem, Jenin, and Tulkarm.

Local sources reported to that the occupation forces stormed the village of Al-Mughayer with about 15 military vehicles, and began raiding many homes, searching them and tampering with their contents, and arrested 16 citizens, including the father of the martyr Ali Ayman Abu Ali, who was killed more than a month ago, and his brother Bassam, in addition to To freed captives.

The arrests in al-Mughayer included: Ayman Abu Ali, father of the martyr Ali, and Bassam Abu Alya, brother of the martyr Ali, and Muhammad Thaer Abu Alya, Shadi Bilal Naasan, Hamdallah Jalal Na`asan, the released prisoner Abbas Abd al-Hadi Abu Alya, the released prisoner Mutasim Mufid Abu Alya, the released prisoner Qusay Mustafa Abu Ali, released prisoner Raed Ghazi Naasan, Uday Najeeb Naasan, Muhammad Abdullah Naasan, Naasan Firas Naasan, freed prisoner Mujahid Ghazi Naasan, freed prisoner Ali Tariq al-Hajj Muhammad, freed prisoner Muadh Rasmi Abu Ali, and released prisoner Ayoub Rasmi Abu Alia.

In addition, the occupation forces confiscated the car of the prisoner Ahmed Azem Naasan after they raided his house in Mughayir at dawn today, knowing that he had been detained for two months, while clashes erupted between youths and the occupation forces in Mughayer in conjunction with the arrests, and no injuries were reported.

On the other hand, local sources said that the occupation forces opened one of the two agricultural roads they closed about a week ago, which deprived farmers of access to their lands in the eastern region of Mughayir easily and forces them to take other distant roads.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces arrested in large numbers at dawn today, six citizens from the village of Kafr Malik, northeast of Ramallah, after raiding and destroying the contents of their homes. Local sources reported that hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed the village and began to search Houses and arrest the six young men.

The detainees from Kafr Malik are: Diaa Jalal Hamayel, Yaman Faraj Bairat, Mohi Firas Hamayel, Jaafar Mahmoud Safa, Ahmad Fayez Bairat, Maher Mustafa Hamayel.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces affixed papers to the homes of detainees from Kafr Malik, claiming the reason for the arrest, stating: “A man was arrested in this house suspected of throwing stones and trying to harm civilians and soldiers. Those who continue to do so. "

These arrests come one day before the weekly marches in the villages of Al Mughayer and Kafr Malik, as well as the village of Deir Jarir, northeast of Ramallah, where residents and activists carry out activities rejecting the establishment of outposts on the lands of these villages, every Friday.

In Bethlehem, the occupation forces arrested a young man, Jamil Muhammad Suman, from the eastern village of Beit Ta'amer, according to the official agency.

The forces also arrested 3 other citizens from Jenin governorate, who are; Muhammad Nassif Ghawadrah, a former prisoner, who lives in the eastern neighborhood of Jenin. In addition to Fares Najeh Eissa and Daoud Gharbia, who are from the village of Sanur, south of the city.

In Tulkarm, the occupation forces arrested Raafat Abu Sharifa.


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