Before you sell your phone ... this is how your personal data will be deleted

 The German telecommunications portal, Teltaref.d, stressed the need to delete personal data from a smartphone or tablet before selling it or giving it to others, as the SIM card and memory card are initially removed, and all User accounts like a Google account.

And since it may not be possible for the user to remove data from the phone memory in a reliable way, German experts recommend encrypting the memory so that the subsequent user of the smartphone may not access the stored data.

The encryption function can be found in the Google Android system from version 4 onwards in the Settings menu under the "Security" item. And for new versions of the Android system, the encryption function is effective by default, and nothing is required.

In the next step, you must return the phone to factory settings. In Android devices, this option is found under the "Backup and reset" or "Reset options". As for the mobile devices equipped with the Apple "iOS" system, this function is found in the settings menu under the item "General" and "Reset".

Source: German Agency


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