The storming of Nour Shams camp in Tulkarm

the occupation forces stormed, at dawn today, Wednesday, Nour Shams camp, east of Tulkarm.

Sources in the camp said that the forces had arrested Assem Kamal Al-Shalabi.

The forces raided the house of the director of the Al-Asir club, Ibrahim Hamarsha, in the camp, and conducted a wide search operation inside it and tampered with its contents, then arrested him and arrested his nephew Majd Yahya Hamarsha, before releasing them later.

The occupation forces also demanded that the young man, Muhammad Ibrahim Hamarsha, surrender himself after storming his home.

During the incursion, the camp witnessed clashes and confrontations with the occupation forces, during which they fired dozens of sound and gas bombs and metal bullets, while the youths threw stones and blocked the roads in the Al-Mahjar area and the cemetery in the camp.


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