Corona Gaza: A new crisis was revealed in the Epidemiology Hospital

The hospital's intensive care family, which is infected with The Virus Corona, has been filled in the Hospital of the Epidemic, revealing a new crisis that is beginning to loom, according to Yusf Akkad, the president of the European Hospital of Gaza.

"If the injury curve escalates, we will have the ability to visit several intensive care beds," al-Akkad told Voice of Jerusalem radio on Tuesday.

"We are in the process of opening a new department within the hospital to accommodate 8 more serious cases, following the announcement that there are no beds for the critical cases of the injured as a result of the increase in infections with emerging virus," he said.

"The crisis now is in the medical staff, not in the intensive care family equipment," akkad said.

"The moment we say, we can't if the curve of infection escalates with The Corona Virus, and other hospitals will be used," he said.

Akkad called for compliance with safety measures and the education of the Ministries of Health and Interior in Gaza to reduce the spread of hives, especially wearing muzzles.

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