Provision of laboratory materials to Gaza and the death of a citizen to whom the virus has returned

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced today, Monday, that it has received 19,500 laboratory test materials for the Covid 19 virus through the World Health Organization.

The ministry indicated in a statement that this quantity is sufficient for a period of 8 days, indicating that with the arrival of this batch, the laboratory will resume conducting the accumulated checks after it stopped working yesterday.

In a related context, Magdy Dahir, Deputy Director General of Primary Care for Public Health Affairs in Gaza, confirmed the death of a 63-year-old citizen from Gaza City today, Monday, as a result of his infection with the Coronavirus after he recovered from the previous infection he suffered in last September.

Duhair indicated that the citizen was from a state of severe fatigue that affected the respiratory system and the level of oxygen in the blood, which led to his admission to intensive care in a critical condition.

He pointed out that his condition was getting worse despite all the efforts of the medical staff at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex to save his life, indicating that what happened with the citizen confirms that recovery from injury does not give the body full immunity and remains at risk of infection again.

Dahir said that the behavior of this virus is still under study by virus experts around the world, which remains the risk of reinfection for the recovered, despite its limitations, which requires full adherence to health controls and correct health and preventive behavior for those recovering for fear of the disease returning to them in a way that their bodies cannot bear as it was. In the previous.

Duhair said that the Gaza Strip is the same as in all regions of the world, which is witnessing a new wave that may be more severe than its predecessors from the outbreak of the epidemic, and it needs to be dealt with seriously and not be complacent or disregarding the preventive measures required of everyone for one moment in order to get out of this dangerous stage with the least losses.


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