46 violations of journalists´ rights last month

During the monthly report on the state of press freedoms in November 2020, the Committee to Support Journalists monitored several violations of media freedoms and journalists, including (46) Israeli violations, and (7) violations by internal Palestinian bodies. In addition to the registration of more than 12 violations by social media companies, of the websites, pages and accounts of personal journalists and activists, in the context of fighting Palestinian content and obliterating the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people.

Israeli attacks in the occupied Palestinian territories increased during the past month, such as arresting, detaining and summoning 9 journalists by the occupation forces.

The committee's report monitored 6 cases of extending and delaying the arrest, renewing administrative detention, and issuing a ruling against journalists.

The report also records the exposure of more than three journalists in the occupied West Bank to assault with bullets, tear gas grenades and throwing stones, in addition to being kicked and pushed by the occupation while performing their media duties.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces prevented journalists from practicing their professional work covering violations against Palestinians, as 11 cases of prevention of coverage were monitored, and the detention and destruction of a camera, equipment and identity cards for six journalists, and the occupation renewed for the third time in a row the decision to prevent the work of Palestine TV in Jerusalem and the occupied interior For an additional 6 months.

Regarding the raids and incursions into the homes of journalists, the report recorded the raid on the home of the journalist Raed Abu Rumaila and tampering with the contents of his home. It also recorded two cases of threat and a warning against practicing imprisonment and deportation.

In the context of the occupation’s harassment of the imprisoned journalists, the report recorded transfers from one prison to another after confirming the actual verdict against the journalist, in addition to carrying out harsh investigations with them with the aim of submitting an indictment against them on the background of their journalistic work, as well as a fine was imposed against the journalist Christine Rinawi and Mujahid Mardawi.

In an attempt to eradicate the Palestinian narrative and delete everything related to Palestine, social media sites and platforms impose unfair restrictions on Palestinian content under pressure from the occupation. Among them, the Twitter platform targeted dozens of accounts of journalists and media agencies under the pretext of violating the standards and terms of service.


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