Arrest of 10 citizens from West Bank, and clashes and shootings in Jenin

The Israeli occupation forces raided, last night and at dawn today, Friday, several areas in the West Bank, and arrested 10 citizens, from Jenin, Nablus and Bethlehem.

The Correspondent in Jenin reported that the occupation forces arrested 5 citizens, four who were prisoners in the occupation prisons, and they are: The freed prisoner, Abd al-Jabbar Muhammad Ahmad Jarrar, the released prisoner Muhammad Omar Mustafa Shihab, both from the city of Jenin, the released prisoner Ibrahim Taher Muhammad Nawahdha from the town of Yamoun, the released prisoner Samer Mustafa Jaradat from the town of Silat al-Harithiya, and the young man Muhannad Zakarneh from the town of Deir Ghazaleh, after their homes were raided And tampering with its contents.

According to the "Al-Quds" correspondent, the occupation forces stormed the Wadi Ezzedine neighborhood in the city of Jenin, and surrounded several houses, where violent confrontations broke out, during which Molotov cocktails and fireworks were thrown at the occupation soldiers who fired live bullets, sound and gas bombs, which resulted in dozens of suffocation. Armed men shot at the occupation soldiers, who arrested both the freed prisoner, Abdul-Jabbar Jarrar, and the freed prisoner, Muhammad Shihab Al-Sanouri. During its withdrawal, a patrol ran over a young man who managed to escape and was lightly injured.

In the town of Al-Yamoun, the occupation forces raided the house of the editor, Ibrahim Nawahdha, and searched him and arrested him.

In the town of Silat al-Harithiya, clashes erupted during the storming of houses, and the young Samer Mustafa Jaradat was arrested.

In Nablus, the official news agency reported that a number of Israeli military jeeps stormed the village of Beit Dajan, east of Nablus, at dawn and raided a number of homes and arrested Thawri Ibrahim Abu Murtada (44 years), and Mutassim Sameh Abu Ghneim, and the two brothers Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim Talab Haji Muhammad.

Also, late last night, the occupation forces arrested a young man from Dheisheh camp, south of Bethlehem. The forces stationed at the “Gush Eseon” settlement junction arrested Khaled Farraj (32 years), after he was removed from the vehicle, detained and then arrested.

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