The death of Microsoft´s founder partner

Seattle _ Agencies

Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen died on Monday at the age of 65 years after a struggle with cancer.

Allen had announced a tweet a few days before the return of the disease from which he recovered in 2009 after a treatment trip.

Although in the tweet he expressed optimism about the possibility of healing the lymphatic tumor again as he did the first time, he left our world in his hometown, Seattle, Washington state.

Is Paul Allen?

Allen, born in 1953, met Bill Gates when he was in high school in Washington state.

In 1975, while not more than 22 years old, he and Gates founded Microsoft, but Allen resigned in 1983.

Allen, who became a 37-year-old billionaire, founded during his business trip a number of companies, including the Volkan Investment and project management company in 1986, and in 1995 bought 18.5 percent of the shares of Dream hip animation company.

He has invested in sports, the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team, the American Sea Hawks Club, which won the Super Bowl in 2014, and has shared ownership at the Seattle Saunders Football Club.

He also has interests in music and cinema and has founded Volkan Productions for film production.

In 2004, he contributed to the project of space ship, which was the first spacecraft to be carried out with special funding, and was awarded the Ankari X Award.

Besides his ingenuity in the world of technology and business, he also made many contributions to the field of philanthropy, donated $14 million to the Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and engineering at the University of Washington, and contributed to the launch of the Allen Institute of Brain Science (AIBS) and the Allen Institute of Cell Science. In 2008, his contributions amounted to $1 billion.


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