Jenin: The occupation forces raided the homes of citizens in the village of Zabuba

Yesterday evening, the occupation forces stormed the village of Zabuba, west of Jenin, and raided the homes of citizens near the annexation wall.

The Secretary of the Fatah movement in Zbuba, Hussein Jaradat, told the official news agency that the occupation forces raided the homes of citizens for the second time in the "Bir" area in the village, and they began to collect information about the residents of the houses and count them.

He added: The occupation forces claim every time that a number of youths cut the apartheid wall adjacent to those homes.

Jaradat appealed to human rights and international organizations to move urgently to stop the daily violations of the occupation against the village, such as raiding homes, harassing citizens, arresting young men, and firing bullets and tear gas.


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