Demonstrations against Netanyahu due to attacks by his supporters

The weekly Israeli demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued to demand his resignation against the backdrop of the corruption cases he was accused of before the courts, as well as for his failure to deal with health and economic crises and repeated closures with the continued spread of the Corona virus.

According to the Yedioth Ahronoth website, thousands are still participating in the meantime in the demonstrations organized in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, and dozens of bridges and intersections all over Israeli cities, noting that thousands protested near Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, and the demonstrations are expected to continue until late hours. .

The participants in the demonstrations were subjected to attacks by supporters of Netanyahu, as the Israeli police arrested 3 supporters who threatened demonstrators in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv with electricity, while another was arrested who threw an "egg" at the demonstrators in Holon, while other demonstrators were subjected to violent incidents, including the Haifa areas. Hasharon threw eggs at them and tore down the slogans they raised, as well as beating a protester in Haifa with a stick.

In the eighteenth week of these demonstrations, the participants raised the slogan "We feel hopeless ... we have no future."

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