Netanyahu and Lieberman threaten "strong military operation" in Gaza

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday threatened to launch a military operation against the Gaza Strip, if events continue on the border.

"It seems that Hamas did not understand the message that if they do not stop the attacks, they will be stopped in a different way, and it will be very painful," Netanyahu said during a session of his Likud Party ministers.

"We are very close to another kind of activity, a very strong blow against Hamas, big blows. If Hamas has a mind, it must stop before it receives the knockout.  "

Israeli army Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that there should be a severe, harsh and crushing blow to Hamas in the Gaza Strip as long as the events on the border continued.

In a lengthy interview with the site studio of the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", Lieberman noted that Israel was prepared for a war in Gaza and that it was impossible to accept the continuation of events along the wall with Gaza.

Lieberman claimed that Hamas used marches and "violent events" as a strategic weapon to undermine the resilience and resilience of the army, accusing the movement of trying to pressure the Israeli public and the government.

"Hamas is determined to use violence until the blockade is lifted completely without an agreement on the Prisoners and missing persons and without abandoning the main clause in its Charter calling for the destruction of the State of Israel and, of course, without disarming it," he said.

"This situation is impossible, we have reached the point where we should strike the strongest possible blow to Hamas," he said, adding that it needs the approval of the mini-Council and the Government, and the ministers should decide.

"We are driving a consistent and stable policy toward Gaza, yesterday we saw Ismail Haniyeh on the border, and obviously they have no intention to stop the violence on the fence, we have reached the moment when decisions must be made," he said.

"Before going to war, we must exhaust all other options because when we send soldiers to battle, I realize that some of them will not return home, so we must exhaust every other way."

He noted that since his inauguration, the army ministry has discovered 20 Hamas tunnels.

On Friday's events and the attempted kidnapping of a soldier, Lieberman said, "There are already serious incidents, an improvised explosive device (IED) and infiltration from the border, but ended when the infiltrators were killed, no citizen or soldier was scratched, there were 7" terrorists "killed by two militants in the military wing of Hamas. Haniyeh led the marches, but we acted resolutely, forcefully and correctly.  "

"I don't know who the top officials are, as long as the violence continues, there will be no fuel," Lieberman said, opposing senior military officials.

The army is investigating the circumstances of a Palestinian "death" at the checkpoint, he said.

On his criticisms, Lieberman said, "I suggest that everyone takes care of himself and his duties, and I am dealing in a security way with the issues and not in a personal policy."

On the imposition of the death penalty on the executors of the operations, Lieberman said that the military prosecutors and military judges were not subordinate to his authority, but he discussed the case and carried it very much to the Council of Ministers without any progress on the dossier, which he would continue to put forward.

In response to a question, what will come first of the confrontation in Gaza or elections?, Lieberman said I don't think elections are what we need at the moment, the situation in Gaza and the West Bank is complicated but in the north more complicated.


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