The occupation state imposes a comprehensive health lockdown for 3 weeks to confront Corona

The occupying state is scheduled to impose a comprehensive health closure, starting at 2 pm this Friday afternoon, in an effort to confront the Corona virus epidemic for a period of 3 weeks, according to "Israel Radio" " Today is Friday.

Malls, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, swimming pools and fitness centers will be banned from opening their doors.

However, it was decided to allow the opening of the premises, but without receiving the public. It was also approved to expand the distance in which citizens are allowed to move away from their place of residence during the closure period, from 500 to 1,000 meters.

The closure also includes suspension of studies, except for private education.

And the occupation police will set up checkpoints at the exits of cities and neighborhoods and will devote their activities to preventing gathering.

This is the second closure imposed by the occupying power, and it imposed its first closure last March, then eased it in May, and since then it has witnessed a second wave of cases of coronavirus infection.


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