The occupation threatens to demolish two rooms and water wells in several areas in the Jordan Valley

The Israeli occupation authorities have notified the demolition of two rooms and water wells in a number of villages and towns in the northern Jordan Valley.

According to statements by the official in charge of the settlement file in Tubas governorate and the northern Jordan Valley, Moataz Bisharat, today, Thursday, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village of Bardala and stormed water wells belonging to Ahmed Talib Sawafta and Abdul Raouf Sawafta, and the wells were photographed and revealed yesterday, Wednesday.

Bisharat indicated that the so-called Israeli organization and the Israeli Water Authority, accompanied by the occupation army, stormed the artesian water wells in the areas of Atouf and Al-Buqi’a Plain and informed their owners of the existence of higher orders to demolish all wells, and that the implementation will take place soon, noting that all these wells are subject to areas classified as "B".

Bisharat noted that during the storming of those wells, one of the occupation officers informed Jihad Bani Oudah Al-Jalhoum, who is the owner of a well, in order to withdraw the equipment inside the well, and that they will come after a week to demolish the wells.

On the other hand, Bisharat stated that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the Yezra area, accompanied by the city administration and the Israeli antiquities, and threatened to demolish two rooms belonging to Rami Na`im Mas`id, and completely photographed the facilities and the area.


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