Gaza: 162 new cases of corona were recorded

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced this morning, Sunday, that 162 new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded during the past 24 hours.

In its daily report, the Ministry stated that 158 ​​of the injuries are from within the Gaza Strip, and 4 of the returnees are in quarantine centers, noting that 1266 samples were withdrawn during the same period.

Since last March, the total number of injuries reached 969, including 873 active cases (843 internally and 30 returnees), 89 recovered, and 7 deaths (6 from inside Gaza and a seventh case from returnees).

She indicated that the emergency operations room in the Ministry of Health is in a permanent session to discuss developments in the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip.

And she said, "We have come an important way in investigating the epidemiological situation during the previous days, and the competent teams are still continuing their work to break the episodes of outbreaks."

She added, "The emergency operations room monitors and assesses the epidemiological situation in an up-to-date manner and takes measures that suit each region in a balanced manner, with partial mitigation to meet the needs of citizens in the yellow and green areas."

"Surviving the Gaza Strip and bringing it to safety at this stage is everyone's responsibility, and all efforts must be combined to contain it," she said.

And she stressed that everyone should not move outside homes in areas where movement is permitted according to the controls, by wearing a muzzle, washing hands, physical distancing, and staying away from any manifestation of crowding.

It also stressed that all public and private sector institutions and service providers must fully adhere to preventive controls with their employees and users.


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