Israeli police raid Khan ِAl Ahmar in preparation for demolition

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

Israeli police on Tuesday stormed the "Khan ِAl Ahmar " Bedouin community in the west of Jerusalem.

An eyewitness reported that a vehicle belonging to the Israeli occupying police had stormed the Bedouin community, and that Israel's crews had begun to take measurements of the Assembly's dwellings, without informing the owners of what was going on.

A group of Israeli police patrols broke into the dawn of the day, abruptly surrounding the Khan ِAl Ahmar compound, and withdrew after a short period.

It is noteworthy that the occupying forces handed over the residents of the rally yesterday, dangers to the construction of a dirt road to enable the mechanisms to enter it (assembly), in preparation for the evacuation and Demolition.

The decision was made concurrently with the continuation of a sit-in by Palestinian and foreign supporters in the "red khan" for the 112th consecutive day, rejecting the Occupation's decision to demolish the assembly and deport its residents.

On October 1, the deadline set by the occupation authorities for the residents of the rally to evacuate and demolish their homes has Expired.

On 5 September September, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition against the evacuation and displacement of residents of Al-khan and admitted to demolishing it within a week.

Some 200 palestinians, 53 per cent of whom are children, and 95 per cent of refugees registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (unrwa) live in the red Khan.

The Israeli Supreme Court decided last May to demolish the gathering, which houses a school serving 170 students, from several other communities in the Area.

The village is surrounded by a number of settlements; its territory is located within the area targeted by the occupation authorities for the implementation of its E1 settlement project, which, if implemented, would undermine the chances of implementing the Two-state Solution.

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