Gaza: Warning of the repercussions of power cuts on newborns

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned, today, Wednesday, of the repercussions of the power outage on about 120 newborns who are in nurseries in Gaza hospitals.

Nabil Al-Barqouni, head of the nurseries network, said in a press statement that there are 7 nurseries in different hospitals in Gaza that are powered by electric power, indicating that frequent power cuts and the use of alternative energy may cause damage to devices such as nurseries, resuscitation devices and artificial respiration for newborns, which may affect the lives of children. And it causes deaths.

He pointed out that the fluctuation in alternative energy generators represented in electrical generators and solar energy does not give adequate energy to the incubators' devices due to the sudden decrease and rise in the resulting energy.

Al-Barqouni indicated that these devices are of high sensitivity and need to be reprogrammed to suit the health status of newborns.


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