Working from home ... clear rules yield better productivity

When the Corona virus crisis first began, working from home meant an additional headache; Children should have been attentive while working on writing an important report, sitting at the sofa table instead of the height-adjustable work seat, in addition to being unable to ignore the doorbell announcing the arrival of the delivery worker.

But over time, many are figuring out how to make remote work productive. According to Utah Romp, president of the German Institute for Employment and Employability, many factors must be met in order for people to get used to working from home and become even more productive.

First, employers or supervisors need to formulate a clear workload. And all those involved must know what to do up to what time and how the ideal result should be.

Transparent communication with colleagues is key. When do meetings take place and what communication channels are used? And how everyone can be reached when working from home is also to be discussed, according to Rump.

According to the expert, remote work allows for a better distribution of your tasks throughout the day than you are in the office. It can also help to structure the working day, for example with a to-do list.

However, even when working from home, the risk of overheating persists. It is therefore important to "ensure that there is a beginning and an end. And that there are breaks," according to Rombe.

The expert says that the most common mistake is forgetting to set clear rules for the home office with your family.


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